Launching Yellow Nineties 2.0



In April 1894, the first volume of The Yellow Book was published in London and Boston. Hailed as  a “star of modernity” by the transatlantic press, this ground-breaking serial influenced the emerging publishing genre of the “little magazine” of art and literature, a genre which continues to thrive today. With its formally experimental, socially dissident, and sexually provocative art and literature encased in distinctive yellow covers, the controversial periodical came to symbolize fin-de-siècle counter culture, splashing its colour on a decade now known as the “yellow nineties.” One hundred and thirty years later, on 18 April 2024, Toronto Metropolitan University celebrates the launch of Yellow Nineties 2.0, an open-access scholarly site dedicated to the study of The Yellow Book in the context of seven other late-Victorian little magazines and the remarkable people who made them. Celebratory events to mark the launch include a Symposium, hosted by the Centre for Digital Humanities, and an Exhibition, hosted by TMU Libraries, Archives & Special Collections.

Detail: Aubrey Beardsley, Front Cover, The Yellow Book, Vol. 1. April 1894.