Launching Yellow Nineties 2.0


Y90s Symposium Keynote

Portrait of Dr. Constance Crompton

We are delighted to have the Symposium Keynote delivered by Dr. Constance Crompton, Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Crompton has collaborated on the Yellow Nineties project since 2006, when she was a doctoral student in the joint York University/Toronto Metropolitan University program in Communication and Culture, working under the supervision of Y90s PI Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Her past roles have included Y90s Research Assistant, Y90s Project Manager, and Y90s Research Associate; she now serves as a member of the Y90s Advisory Board. As a graduate student in April 2010, she presented on encoding Volume One of The Yellow Book at TMU’s first Digital Humanities Symposium, Visualizing the Archive, which celebrated the combined launches of the Centre for Digital Humanities and the Yellow Nineties Online. In April 2019, Dr. Crompton returned to TMU to present in the Digital Diversity@Ryerson (now TMU) Symposium, which launched the Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada digital project she co-directs with Michelle Schwartz and introduced the prototype of Yellow Nineties 2.0.

Dr. Crompton continues to be deeply invested in the Yellow Nineties project. Her keynote, “Preserving What We’ve Made: Yellow Nineties 2.0 and the Future of the Past,” explores sustainable approaches to ensuring its long-term preservation and ongoing accessibility.