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February Offerings

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Currently, the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) is between spaces, and will hopefully have a new space in the Library (LIB) by Spring 2023. In the meantime, for Winter 2023 the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) will be holding weekly virtual drop-in sessions on Tuesdays from Noon-1 PM (usually on Zoom). These are intended as casual learning opportunities that bring together the DH community at Toronto Met and beyond.

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Public Talk @ TMU

Thursday 16th

Jorgenson Hall
380 Victoria Street
10th floor, Room 1043

Poster for Dino Felluga's talk “How the Nineteenth-Century Novel Shaped Our Lives and Why We Should Resist.”

February 16

How the Nineteenth-Century Novel Shaped Our Lives and Why We Should Resist.

Dino Franco Felluga is professor of English at Purdue University. In addition to his publications (Critical QuarterlyCriticismJournal of Victorian StudiesStudies in English LiteratureVictorian Studies, and many others), he is the general editor and director of BRANCH: Britain, Representation, and Nineteenth-Century Literature and COVE: Collaborative Organization for Virtual Education. Toronto Metropolitan University is itself a subscriber to COVE Studio. COVE’s 14.8 million words of content is therefore available for free to all TMU faculty and students. In this talk, Prof. Felluga will present his strategy for mounting successful online resources at a time of crisis for the humanities, while laying out the main argument of his new co-written book, Novel-Poetry: The Shape of the Real and the Problem of Form.

Contact: Jason Boyd,

Digital Cultures
Lecture Series

Friday 17th
11:00am-noon EST

February 17

Seeing Like an Algorithmic Error: What are Algorithmic Mistakes, Why do They Matter, How Might they be Public Problems?

Mike Ananny (Associate Professor of Communication and Journalism and Affiliated Faculty of Science, Technology, and Society at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.)

The second of four talks in the Winter 2023 interuniversity DH Research Centre Lecture Series on the theme of  “Communities.” Sponsored by the Université de Montréal, the University of Ottawa, the University of Guelph, and Toronto Metropolitan University.

For more information visit the CRIHN website.

CDH Virtual


Tuesdays Noon-1 pm EST

Each month, some sessions will be dedicated to a specific theme. Tiny Tools Tour / DH Workbench are explorations of a digital resource or tool for research, creativity, and/or pedagogy. Unarchived is a monthly podcast associated with the Playable Stories Archive focused on discussing storytelling games. The aim of the Digital Lives Exploratory Research Group is to explore the ways we study lives through digital technologies.


February 7

Building a Digital Commonplace

Host: Reg Beatty 

Join Reg as he explores a variety of tools that help us to curate a repository of those gleanings we would otherwise leave behind in our digital wake.

Broadcast: February 14

Episode 1: Jonathan Blow’s The Witness

Host: Jason Boyd 
Panel: Jeremy Andriano, Patrick Dolan

In The Witness, the player wanders around a mysterious and gorgeous island solving increasingly complex line-drawing puzzles. But is that all there is to the game? What about the statues and audio logs that are to be found all over the island? Is there a story or message in The Witness?

Listen to the podcast on February 14th and find out more by visiting the Unarchived Podcast website.

February 28

“Digital Lives: Exploratory Research Group.”

Host: Jason Boyd 

Digital technologies interpenetrate our lives and the ways in which we represent and study lives, both past and present. In the Winter 2023 semester, the aim of this exploratory research group is to engage in a preliminary and open-ended conversation about digital lives and the ways in which future exploration of this topic might be undertaken collaboratively.

Join Jason for this inaugural session.