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January Offerings

In Winter 2022, in place of the drop-in hours it holds at its space in X University Library, the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) will be holding weekly virtual drop-in sessions on Wednesdays from Noon-1 pm (usually on Zoom). These are intended as casual, learning opportunities that bring together the DH community at X University and beyond during COVID-19 restrictions.

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More About Weekly Themes

Each week in a month will be dedicated to a specific theme. The first week, Stories in Play: Let’s Try, will consist of a led, shared exploration of a work of electronic literature (eLit) or a narrative-driven digital game. Week 2, DH Workbench, will be a led, shared exploration of a digital resource or tool for research and/or pedagogy. Week 3, DH@XU Reads, will be an open discussion of a selected work of DH scholarship, read in advance of the drop-in. The fourth week, Critical Code Studies, will explore how coding/programming can be studied in the humanities.

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CDH Virtual


Wednesdays Noon-1 pm EST


January 19

Signs of the Sojourner (Echodog Games, 2020)

Host: Jason Boyd

Join Jason as he explores a narrative deck-building game with a difference: rather than building the most “powerful” deck, the player’s challenge is to make decisions about how they want to connect and communicate with others in a near-future climate-changed world.


January 26

“The Art of Code”

Host: Jason Boyd

Join Jason for a conversation about topics covered in Dylan Beattie’s NDC London 2020 keynote about programming as a creative activity, including esoteric languages, quines, generative art, live coding, and Beattie’s own Rockstar programming language:

Watch the video from the NDC keynote (starts where Beattie shifts from programs that create art to programming as art).