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February Offerings

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February 14 (Sunday)
5-8 pm EST

Feb 14

Valentine’s Day NDN Literati Massacre

IDH@CDH and Madame Juicy

Calling all kin! From Animal Crossing to Mario Kart, NDNs have been turning to video games to find kinship and closeness during the pandemic.


Join IDH@CDH and Madame Juicy (—award-winning artist and poet Arielle Twist (Disintegrate/Dissociate, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2019) and OCAD graduate student studying trans horror and monsters—on Twitch and witness the joy that NDN gamers are finding together in virtual worlds. During a stream of the horror game Dead By Daylight, Miss Juicy will interview Indigenous literary figures about horror (who will play as “survivors”), while she plays as “the killer.” A limited number of spaces are available for queer, trans, and Two-Spirit gamers to play in teams mode with Arielle and the authors being interviewed. Please email Lindsay Nixon ( to schedule a playing time. Keep an eye on the Indigenous Digital Humanities Twitter (@idh_rucdh) for announcements of the surprise authors. Otherwise, tune in on Valentine’s day and see the Indigenous literati of Canada get absolutely slaughtered.

Channel link for the event:

In Winter 2021, in place of the drop-in hours it holds at its space in Ryerson University Library, the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) will be holding weekly virtual drop-in sessions on Thursdays from 3-4 pm (usually on Zoom). These are intended as casual, fun events that bring together the DH community at Ryerson and beyond during COVID-19 restrictions.

Weekly Themes

Each week in a month will be dedicated to a specific theme. The first week, Stories in Play: Let’s Try, will consist of a led, shared exploration of a work of electronic literature (eLit) or a narrative-driven digital game. Week 2, DH Workbench, will be a led, shared exploration of a digital resource or tool for research and/or pedagogy. Week 3, DH@Ryerson Reads, will be an open discussion of a selected work of DH scholarship, read in advance of the drop-in. The fourth week, Procedural Creativity Workshop, will explore digital resources and platforms useful for creative activity.

Join us!

CDH Virtual


Thursdays, 3-4 pm


Feb 4

Isolation and Sociality in Tacoma (Fullbright)

Host: Jason Boyd

Join Jason Boyd as he explores an evacuated space station and learns the fates of its crew.

Join here (no registration required):


Feb 11

Making visually-rich, interactive timelines with TimelineJS 

Host: Jason Boyd

Join Jason Boyd for a demonstration of TimelineJS, which uses Google Sheets and social media to create timelines you can publish on the web.


Feb 18


Feb 25

Creating Generative Hypertexts with Twine & Tracery

Host: Jason Boyd 

Join Jason Boyd as he demonstrates how to use Tracery with Twine 1 to create procedurally-generated texts.